VCA for schools

Safety is an important subject in construction, technology and infrastructure. Everyone wants to return home safely after a hard day's work. That is why the school offers the VCA diploma for many courses in these directions.

The students are made safety aware and can safely do an internship. The school also sends a clear signal to students, parents and affiliated companies that safety is important.

Every school and pupil is different and the budgets also vary. Het Certificaat can guide your school in choosing the right track. This is always custom work and there are many options. Consider the choice for:

  • The right teaching material, E-learning or textbooks
  • The right teacher, internal or external
  • The right exam, VCA-Basic or VCA-VOL
  • The right daily schedule, full or half days

What should you arrange as a school?

You register the exam and the students via our web portal (free and user-friendly).

We will take the exam with large laptops and provide our own WiFi connection at every location in the Netherlands.

Because the exam is taken digitally, the students know immediately after the conclusion of the exam whether they have passed, for the unsuccessful candidates, a new exam can be requested immediately.

In addition to the safety of the students, there are even more advantages to setting up a good VCA process.

  • Quality of training is improving
  • Cost reduction through higher success rates
  • Motivated students due to higher pass rates
  • Fewer re-exams, so less hassle with planning

Setting up the custom trajectory is free of charge. Only services and materials provided such as exams, day training and teaching materials are charged on the basis of the students, so you never pay too much.

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Guaranteed quality

With Het Certificaat, quality is paramount. This is why we are a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Examens (the Dutch Association for Exams) and why our quality is monitored by the Examenkamer (the Dutch Examroom Foundation). NVE logo