VCA Teaching Materials

Anyone can register for a VCA or VCU exam. However, we do recommend that you first take a VCA course or VCU course that is being held near you. If you are not acquainted with any trainer then we can advise you on what action to take. If you would rather prepare for the exam yourself through a course of private study then click here for the options.

The teaching materials for the VCA and VCU exam

The teaching materials for VCA and VCU exams must comply with the requirements set for them by the SSVV (the Foundation Cooperation for Safety). The following topics always come up in the VCA and VCU exams:

  • Legislation 
  • Hazards, risks and prevention
  • Accidents: causes and prevention
  • Safety conduct 
  • Tasks, rights, duties and consultation 
  • Procedures and instructions, flagging up 
  • Preparing for emergency situations
  • Hazardous substances 
  • Fire and explosion
  • Work equipment 
  • Specific work activities and circumstances 
  • Electricity and radiation 
  • Ergonomic workplace 
  • Personal protective equipment 

VCA and VCU mock exams 

Before taking the VCA exam and VCU exam, you can take a VCA or VCU mock exam. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and of the topics you may need to study in more depth.
You can download the mock exams here free of charge.

Textbook or E-Learning for private study

If you prefer to study for the VCA or VCU exam by yourself at home then you can order the relevant textbook or E-learning package from us. Each textbook also contains practice questions. For more information, please get in touch with us. We can supply textbooks in Dutch, English and German for:


If you prefer to learn at your computer at your own speed then you can ask for an E-learning package.
We will then send the link to open the E-Learning package to your E-mail address.


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