VCA and Dyslexia

Candidates with dyslexia have various options for taking the VCA exam.

Basic VCA (B-VCA)

For Basic VCA exams, candidates with dyslexia can opt for the reading-out variant, which adds additional functionality to the exam, as the questions and possible answers are now read out to the candidate via the headphones provided. The reading-out exam candidate is also given 75 minutes to answer the questions instead of the usual 60 minutes.
(dyslexia certification is not needed for the Basic VCA exam).


Candidates with dyslexia that have to pass a VOL-VCA or VIL-VCU exam now have the option of applying for an extended exam. The extended exam has a maximum duration of 120 minutes instead of the usual 75 minutes. A reading-out option is not available for a VOL-VCA or VIL-VCU exam.
The extended exam duration means our examiner has to stay at the exam location for longer, which is why we charge a surcharge of € 50.00 for each extended exam.
To be considered for the extended exam, you must comply with the following conditions:

  • The candidate must provide Het Certificaat with a certification of dyslexia that must comply with the guidelines issued by the Dutch dyslexia foundation Stichting Dyslexie Nederland, which certification must be provided at least 8 days before the exam is taken. 
  • We will assess the dyslexia certification; if we approve it then the candidate will be registered for the exam.

For the time being, the extended exam can only be reserved via an in-company exam on our online portal.

Why is there no reading exam for VCA-VOL?

In this article, we explaine why the SSVV (Foundation for Cooperation for Safety) provides no reading variant for the VCA-VOL exam.


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