VIL-VCU exam - Safety & Health Checklist for Employment Agencies

VCU stands for ‘Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendorganisaties’ (Safety & Health Checklist for Employment Agencies). As an intermediary or manager of an employment agency, you must hold the diploma ‘Veiligheid voor Intercedenten en Leidinggevenden VCU’ (Safety for Intermediaries and Managers VCU) that is also known as ‘VIL-VCU’. If you are an employment agency or company that supplies personnel to a VCA-certified company then each of the assigned employees that are seconded via yourself must hold a valid VCA diploma.

What does the VIL-VCU exam consist of?

The VOL-VCA exam consists of 70 multiple choice questions. The exam takes a maximum of 75 minutes. If you score 4515 or more of the 7000 points (64.5%) on offer then you will have passed. The VIL-VCU exam is largely the same as the VOL-VCA exam. The VIL-VCU exam consists of questions about specific knowledge that intermediaries must possess.

The VIL-VCU diploma

A VIL-VCU certificate diploma demonstrates that you know what to look out for when searching for suitable temporary workers for your VCA-certified clients and that you know how to give a candidate the right instructions - and a client the right information.

The VIL-VCU score

If you have taken the exam on a computer then you will receive your provisional score right away. You will receive your VIL-VCU diploma from us no later than three working days after taking the VIL-VCU exam. We will also tell you the score you achieved in the VIL-VCU exam. If an educational institution, employment agency or your employer registered you for the exam then we will send the diploma to them.


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