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Erik Rutten (president)

Organising examinations is a discipline in its own right. This is not only because the VCA or VCU exam must comply with all the requirements set for it but also because all aspects of the exam process must be organised professionally. Well, with Het Certificaat, you no longer have to worry about such things as the exam application procedure, exam organisation or payment settlements, as we can do all this (and more) for you. Yes, with Het Certificaat you’ve come to the right place!

Your VCA exams and VCU exam process are kept completely in-house

One way in which Het Certificaat sets itself apart is our high degree of digitisation. This means we can take the entire project - from examination applications to call-ups and scoring - off your hands, whilst still giving you access to all information 24/7. In addition, we hold VCA Basic exams in 19 languages, VCA-VOL exams in four languages and VIL-VCU exams in two languages, and all this at an examination location near you. We also organise exams in other European countries. We work proactively to keep our costs down, which means we can offer you great value for money too.

Flexible exam dates, times and locations

We work flexibly and in a way that best serves the needs and wishes of the customer:

  • You yourself choose the date and time of the VCA or VCU exam.
  • For special exam times or locations, we will agree the date and time with you.
  • You choose a location near you for the VCA or VCU exam.
  • You can apply for an exam no later than eight working days beforehand. You can register participants for the exam no later than seven hours beforehand.
  • Would you like to organise or take a VCA or VCU exam at less than eight days’ notice? In that case, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to look at the options with you. We will not normally charge you any additional costs for urgent applications.
  • Does your employee need his or her VCA or VCU diploma urgently? In this case, you can apply for it with no more than 36 hours’ notice. We will then arrange for your candidate to take the VCA or VCU exam the following day, so that he/she can get to work right away! 
  • Note that you can also take your Basic Safety, VCA-VOL or VIL-VCU exam at our offices in Wijchen (near Nijmegen) on any Thursday afternoon at 4.00 p.m. CET.

More information

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Guaranteed quality

With Het Certificaat, quality is paramount. This is why we are a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Examens (the Dutch Association for Exams) and why our quality is monitored by the Examenkamer (the Dutch Examroom Foundation). NVE logo