The VCA and VCU diploma

The diploma that you receive from us after passing your VCA or VCU exam complies with the requirements laid down by the SSVV (Stichting Samenwerking Voor Veiligheid/Foundation Cooperation for Safety). We register your diploma number - coupling it to your name and date of birth - in the central diploma register (, so that anyone can find out whether you are VCA-certified or VCU-certified. Het Certificaat issues candidates with both the diploma and a document showing the score you achieved.

Validity of VCA and VCU diplomas

The VCA and VCU diplomas are valid for ten years from the date of the exam. If during this ten-year period, SSVV changes the requirements it sets then the VCA or VCU diploma may be declared invalid. In all cases, you will also need to re-take the exam every ten years.

The VCA exams and VCU score

As soon as you complete the exam on your computer, you are given a provisional score. No later than three working days after taking the VCA or VCU exam, you will receive your VCA or VCU diploma from us. We will also tell you the score you achieved on the VCA or VCU exam. If an educational institution or your employer registered you then we will send the diploma to them.

Requesting a duplicate diploma pass 

Some participants find it handy to carry a diploma pass with them, for example to use as an entry pass for a construction site. Het Certificaat will provide this diploma pass upon request. The diploma pass states your personal details, its period of validity and your diploma number, as well as a QR code that provides a link to the diploma register. If you previously obtained your diploma from us and now wish to have a diploma pass (or a new one) then you can apply for one at the webshop.

Requesting a duplicate diploma

If you have lost your diploma then you can ask us to provide a duplicate. We will only issue a duplicate if you have previously taken the exam in question with us. You can apply for the duplicate at the webshop.


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Guaranteed quality

With Het Certificaat, quality is paramount. This is why we are a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Examens (the Dutch Association for Exams) and why our quality is monitored by the Examenkamer (the Dutch Examroom Foundation). NVE logo